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Working on a New Class January 22, 2009

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Well I just started working on a new class project for my lss.  We are going to be making a mini album that fits into a CD case.  It’s called Tough Guy.  I got the inspiration for the class from an Adornits class that they had in their gallery here:  They used a CD case and they called it Tough Guy.  Other than that, the rest of the album is all my idea, as usual 🙂  I am using the Basic Grey Granola line for the basis of the album.  Thanks to the secret santa recipient that was assigned to me this year, she requested it in her wish list and it made me see it up close.  I love this new paper line!  I have most of the album finished as I want to get a sample into Treasured Memories and More aka TMM so that I can entice people to sign up for the class which is on Feb 7th just before Valentines Day.  It’s not V-Day related, but it’s a nice album to make about him.  I still have about 3 more pages to complete as I’m waiting for the store to get in some of the papers that were sold out from the line already.  While waiting for that to arrive, I have been embellishing the pages I have already designed and making my own Word Art.  I am going to give each student a sheet or two of Word Art so they can choose which words they would like to put in their album.  It will be all Guy related, but at least if they don’t want to use something that I used, they can use something more relevant.  I think it’s kinda cool.  So…I guess in a way, this is a hybrid book.  I should add a few more digital elements.  It might turn out pretty fascinating.  Hmmmm.  The Word Art is coming along really well.  I made a HUGE list of guy phrases, they just all came popping into my head, so I made a list in Microsoft Word so I wouldn’t forget them.  I decided to do my designing with Corel Draw for my Word Art because I am more familiar with the program over Adobe.  I need to teach myself to use Adobe, but for now I want to get it finished instead of fiddling around with it.  I’m pretty good at manipulating text and getting the effects I want when I use Corel, so I went with it.  Here is a view of what I have created so far:



Now for some tips on how I made some of these happen.   Word Art is all about manipulating text and using different fonts.  It’s easy to do these days.  There are TONS of free font websites on the internet as well as fabulous collections that you can purchase.   If you have Corel then you most likely have Bitstream Font Navigator so that you can manage your fonts.  You don’t need to install every font you have on your system.  Bitstream Font Navigator will have them all in one place for your and you can install and un-install fonts as you like.  The cool thing is you can preview the fonts on Bitstream too, which makes it easier to find what you really need for your project.

Now onto the meat of what I did to make some of this Word Art.  In Corel Draw, I used the shape maker tool to make all the shapes I used for this project.  You can make squares or rectangles with the square tool.  You can make ovals or circles with the circle tool.   For the trapezoid and the triangle, I used the shape tool.  The shape tool will give you the option to choose which kind of shape you want to make in the upper tool bar.  I think the choices are quite limited, but they worked for project.  I made the rounded rectangle by manipulating the rounded corner option in the upper tool bar.  There is an option for changing corner roundness and it’s so cool! 

Now to explain how I made the circle element and the oval element.  I first made a one circle then I made a second circle with the circle shape tool.  I then made a rectangle the size I wanted to be inside the smaller circle.  With the retangle selected, I then chose PowerClip under the Effects command to fit it inside the circle.  When you choose that option, a dark arrow will appear to ask you what shape you want it to fit in.  You can do this with shapes or text or whatever you want to fit into an object.  It’s quite a handy tool for creating your own stuff.   To add the definition inside the circle I first typed up the text and chose my font.  I then chose to Fit Text To Path under the Text command.  Once again a dark arrow will appear and you will need to choose the path you want it to follow.  I clicked on the outer circle.  At the top, a tool bar will appear with different text options.  I chose to  have the text fall below the path of the circle which made it go inside the larger circle.  I can then choose how close or far I want it from the circle outline.  I then rotated the text to begin where I wanted it.  Sometimes you have to experiment with the size of your text when you do this technique as sometimes the text is too large to fit along the path and it will overlap.  It’s a trial and error process, but thankfully, the commands are quick and easy. 

For the oval element I basically used the same set of steps to fit the rectangle inside the oval.  I then made my own lines using the drawing tool to put the lines under the rectangle.  I just sized my font to fill the whole space.  Simple, quick and super cool looking! 

The barcode words are just a font believe it or not.  In fact the font is called barcode font.  Here is the link if you want to download it:  I have found this font useful many times.  Oh and that website has TONS of awesome fonts for downloading. 

If you ever need inspiration for making your own Word Art, go online and look around on the digital scrapbooking websites.  Sometimes just seeing one thing will inspire you to make your own Word Art.  It’s simple and easy and makes your pages stand out so much.  I still have many more phrases to design and I think I am going to print some on transparencies and some on CS in different colors so that the students have many options for their books.  I can’t wait to share my album with everyone when I am finished with it.  It is so cool!  I hope that my friends who live nearby will sign up for this class, as I promise you don’t want to miss it!  Most of the people who know my classes know it’s all about the techniques!  haha


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  1. Laramie Says:

    Kristie: Love that you told us how you did it. I’m still learning about my Corel software and the manual is not very good. I’m going to try this later. Thanks for the great information and I’ll refer back to your blog if I have questions. Glad your back.

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