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Helpful Digi Tips~Part 1 September 4, 2008

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As I am learning new things about digital scrapbooking, I think it’s only fair to share with my friends.  As a newbie, there are things that are brand new to me, but aren’t new to the digi pros.  Either way, I know many of my friends have questions just like I do about digitat scrapbooking.  So…in case you don’t want to search all over the WWW , I will try to share some of the most useful tips I have learned so far.

Many digital designers request that we give them credit for the products we use to make our layouts.  I know a lot of us only scrap for ourselves and don’t share with online groups, so…that may not be important to you.  However, there are many of us who participate in online groups and submit LOs to magazines and websites.  When you are putting a digital LO together, sometimes you can grab elements and papers from all different kinds of designers.  That makes it hard to remember who you got your stuff from.  Trust me, when I go back to give credit to a designer, I can’t remember where I found the item.  And…sometimes you look through your collection so much you can’t remember what folders you were digging into.  It’s not fun to go back and search through all those folders.  To help get through this, I found a GREAT tip from  The tutorial there shows you how to keep track of the designers and elements that you use in a particular layout.  The cool thing is this “sticky note” stays with the PSD file, but doesn’t show up in any other formats that are saved for sharing online.  Every time you open that PSD file, that little note will still be there and you can continue to edit it as needed.

In your toolbox on the sidebar in Photoshop there is a Notepad Icon.  When you click on it, you will be allowed to open a notepad window in your current document.  Stretch out the size of the box to your needs.  Now, you can add info about the products you are using to make your digital layouts.  It is up to you to choose how much or how little information you want to include in this notepad.  To minimize the notepad, click on the tiny box in the upper right hand corner of your notepad editing screen.  A little notepad will be visible on top of your project.  Feel free to move the notepad icon out to the edge of your screen so it doesn’t interfere with your workspace.

I hope this simple little tip will help you with your digi adventures.  I plan on inserting other helpful digi tips in the near future for your pleasure.  Happy Scrapping!