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Latest Downloads September 3, 2008

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I have mentioned that lately I’ve been downloading a LOT of templates.  I really like playing with digi scrapping and templates.  It gives me more creative freedom to not stress on my photos.  Also, it makes it easy to crop my photos to fit into those fun little squares etc.  Since I’m still learning some tips about using Photoshop, having these pre-made squares and shapes takes the stress out of learning how to make my own.  I’ve played around a lot with vector graphics programs and photo-editing programs, but nothing like Photoshop.  So…I have to learn how this program does the same thing that I did on the other programs I was using.  Thank goodness for the internet and google and Photoshop Tutorials!

Ok, so I’m finally getting a little more away from downloading a plethora of digi freebies.  However, I try to visit my FAVE freebie sites about once a day or every two days to see if there are new templates that I just HAVE TO HAVE!  LOL  Here are links to the websites where my latest template downloads have come from, and don’t forget to snoop around these blogs and stores where there are other FAB FREEBIES to be found:

   Tracey Blakenship Template Freebie